kleines Australisches Wörterbuch


Salvos, the: Salvation Army, bless them.
Sanger: A sandwich.
Schooner: Large beer glass in Queensland; small beer glass in South Australia.
Scratchy: Instant lottery ticket.
Servo: Petrol station.
Shark biscuit: Somebody new to surfing.
Sheila: A woman.
She'll be right: It'll turn out OK.
Shonky: Dubious, underhanded — a shonky practice, shonky business, etc.
Shoot through: To leave.
Shout: Turn to buy — a round of drinks usually. ("It's your shout.")
Skite: Boast, brag.
Slab: A carton of 24 bottles or cans of beer.
Sleepout: House verandah converted to a bedroom.
Smoko: Smoke or coffee break.
Sook: Person or animal who is soft, tame, inoffensive. Hence sooky (adj.).
Snag: A sausage.
Spewin': Very angry.
Spit the dummy: Get very upset at something.
Sprung: Caught doing something wrong.
Spunk: A good-looking person (of either sex).
Squizz (noun): Look. ("Take a squizz at this.")
Station: A big farm/ranch.
Stickybeak: Nosy person.
Strewth: Exclamation, mild oath. ("Strewth, that Chris is a bonzer bloke.")
Strides: Trousers.
Strine: Australian slang and pronunciation.
Stubby: A 375-ml beer bottle.
Stubby holder: Polystyrene insulated holder for a stubby.
Stuffed, I'll be: Expression of surprise.
Stuffed, I feel: I'm tired.
Sunnies: Sunglasses.
Surfies: People who go surfing — usually more often than they go to work!
Swag: Rolled-up bedding, etc., carried by a swagman. 


Tall poppies: Successful people.
Technicolor yawn: Vomit.
Tee-up: To set up (an appointment).
Thingo: Wadjamacallit, thingummy, whatsit.
Tickets, to have on oneself: To have a high opinion of oneself.
Tinny: Can of beer, small aluminum boat.
Togs: Swimsuit.
Too right!: Definitely!
Top End: Far north of Australia.
Trackies: Track suit.
Truckie: Truck driver.
Tucker: Food.
Tucker-bag: Food bag.
Turps: Turpentine, alcoholic drink.
Turps, hit the: Go on a drinking binge.


Uni: University.
Unit: Flat, apartment.
Up oneself: Have a high opinion of oneself. ("He's really up himself.")
Up somebody, get: To rebuke somebody. ("The boss got up me for being late.")
Useless as an ashtray on a motorbike: Incompetent or unhelpful person or thing.
Ute Utility vehicle.