kleines Australisches Wörterbuch


Pash: A long passionate kiss; hence "pashing on."
Piece of piss: Easy task.
Pig's arse!: I don't agree with you.
Piker: Someone who doesn't want to fit in with others socially, leaves parties early.
Piss: Beer. Hence "hit the piss," "sink some piss."
Plonk: Cheap wine.
Pokies: Poker machines, fruit machines.
Polly: Politician.
Pom, pommy: An Englishman.
Pommy's towel, as dry as a: Very dry — based on the canard that Poms bathe about once a month.
Port: Suitcase (portmanteau).
Postie: Postman, mailman.
Pot: 285-ml beer glass in Queensland.
Pozzy: Position. ("Get a good pozzy at the football stadium.")
Prezzy: Present, gift.


Quid, make a: Earn a living. ("Are you making a quid?")
Quid, not the full: Of low IQ.


Rack off: Push off! Get lost! Get out of here! Also, "Rack off, hairy legs!"
Raw prawn, to come the: To put one on, to be generally disagreeable.
Reckon!: You bet! Absolutely!
Rego: Vehicle registration.
Rellie: Family relative.
Ridgy-didge: Original, genuine.
Right: OK. ("She'll be right, mate.")
Ripper: Great, fantastic. ("It was a ripper party.")
Rip snorter: Great, fantastic. ("It was a rip snorter of a party.")
Rollie: A cigarette that you roll yourself.
Roo: Kangaroo.
Ropeable: Very angry.
Rort: Cheating, fiddling, defrauding (expenses, the system etc.). Usually used of politicians.
Rotten: Drunk. ("I went out last night and got rotten.")
Rubbish (verb): To criticize.