M to O


Mallee bull, as fit as a: Very fit and strong. The Mallee is very arid beef country in New South Wales/South Australia.
Mate: Buddy, friend.
Mate's rate, mate's discount: Cheaper than usual for a "friend."
Mickey Mouse: Excellent, very good. Beware, though — in some parts of Australia it means inconsequential, frivolous or not very good!
Middy: 285-ml beer glass in New South Wales.
Milk bar: Corner shop that sells takeaway food.
Milko: Milkman.
Mongrel: Despicable person.
Mozzie: Mosquito.
Muddy: Mud crab (a great delicacy).
Mug: Friendly insult ("Have a go, yer mug!"), gullible person.
Muster: Round up sheep or cattle.


Never Never: The Outback, center of Australia.
Nipper: Young surf lifeguard.
No-hoper: Somebody who'll never do well.
Not the full quid: Not bright intellectually.
No worries!: Expression of forgiveness or reassurance. ("No problem," "Forget about it," "I can do it," or "Yes, I'll do it.")
Nuddy, in the: Naked.


Ocker: An unsophisticated person.
Offsider: An assistant, helper.
Oldies: Parents. ("I'll have to ask my oldies.")
O.S.: Overseas. ("He's gone O.S.")
Outback: Interior of Australia.
Oz: Australia!