Biography of Bindi Sue Irwin

Bindi Sue Irwin was born at 24th July in 1998. She is the first child of Steve and Terri. Bindi Sue was named by a crocodile (Bindi) and Steve´s dog (Sue). Today, Bindi is 6 years old and has a little brother.
written by Arnie Farr (Zoo Coordinator)

LIFE AS A LITTLE CROCODILE HUNTER Bindi Irwin, Steve and Terri’s little girl, is getting bigger and cuter everyday. She is now 18 months old and loves nothing more than running around the Zoo. She is a real animal lover but what do you expect, she is the daughter of the Crocodile Hunter!! Snakes, dingoes, koalas and yes even crocodiles, make this little girl go wild with excitement!


Bindi is part of the Australia Zoo team and even has her own daily chores. Bindi’s first task of the day is waking up and greeting the new morning. Now this process may vary on a day to day basis, as this little girl is far from predictable. Bindi has even been known to wake as late as 1:00pm in the afternoon. Boy, does she have the life or what!!


After the important tasks of breakfast and dressing into her zoo uniform, she decides it might be time to do some work. So on go the work boots and off she trots to Australia Zoo.

Upon arrival at work Bindi wastes no time in getting down and dirty – literally. Harriet the Giant Galapagos Land Tortoise is the first animal on her list that must be thoroughly inspected. Now Harriet and Bindi’s relationship is a match made in heaven. They truly love one another. As Harriet makes her way over to say hello, Bindi carefully checks Harriet’s shell by promptly trying to climb on her back. After Bindi decides everything is to her liking, she moves onto more of her chores.


The next task Bindi must complete is examining the Shingleback Skinks. Now these little critters are Bindi’s favourite animals at Australia Zoo – probably because they’re even smaller than her! As Bindi enters the enclosure she quickly proceeds to check that all are present. Digging sand, lifting rocks and even moving small logs is nothing for Bindi when it comes to checking on her friends.


Oh yeah, it’s crocodile time!! Now is the most important part of the day, Bindi must go to the crocodile demonstration just to keep an eye on mum and dad - you never know what they might get up to !! Bindi carefully keeps watch as mum tells the crowd great stories and dad feeds Agro, the big male saltwater crocodile.

The life of a zoo keeper is very tiring, so Bindi decides it’s time to make her way to the kangaroo and koala paddock to unwind. Snuggling up with a warm fluffy koala is time well spent. As she reflects on her busy day her eyes begin to feel heavy. Before she nods off mum comes to the rescue and puts this little hunter to sleep.

What a busy and hectic life this little girl leads!!!


Bindi Sue Irwin as you can see is a very busy little girl. Her life if always full of new and exciting things but she loves nothing more than spending time with her mum and dad. Oh, what a life!!


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