Steve Irwins Biographie

Steve – Stephen Robert Irwin was born in February 1962 as the son of Lyn and Bob Irwin. They moved to Queensland where they opened a small repitle park (April 1973). 1991 Lyn and Bob set Steve in charge of the park management. Steve grew up in the park learning how to feed and care for animals of all kinds. On his 6th birthday he got his own python which was 3.6 m long. His dad Bob taught him everything about reptiles. As he was 9 years old his dad showed him how to catch crocodiles in the rivers of North Queensland at night. They are very proud that all the crocodiles in their park where caught with there bare hands.

As Steve got older he volunteered his services to the Queensland Governments rogue crocodile relocation program, catching huge troublesome crocodiles single-handed. His record of successful catches is still staggering to this day.

In 1990 Steve’s friend (television producer) John Stainton was filming for a TV commercial in the park, which gave Steve the chance to show his talents to the world. Together they made the first “The Crocodile Hunter” episode in 1992, which was very successful. Till now Steve has made 50 episodes of “The Crocodile Hunter” and 52 episodes of “Croc files”.

In June 1992 he married Terri Raines from Orgeon, USA (see Terri). They met when Terri was on holiday, visiting the Australia Zoo. Together they care for animals of all kinds, trying to open the peoples’ eyes for the needs of the animals on our earth.